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On The High Street: Ronin Barber Club

On the High Street: Luke Greenshields, Ronin Barber Club, Birmingham, @roninbarberclub

I wrote a previous post on Modern Barbering and its current popularity in Britain. It touched briefly on the effect MB has had on the average geezer’s appearance. Here I would like to elaborate slightly on this point, with regards to the aspects you are most likely to see on your local high street. The style’s rise to prominence has largely been centred on Instagram, it being the perfect platform for Barbers across the country and further to share their work with one another. This boom in Men’s hair has been backed by a massive and increasing interest in male grooming in general Most English men are noticeably better put together than 10 years ago. Fact.

This growing interest in has been great for Barbering and more Shops are popping up all over the place providing good clean cuts to accommodate this wave of new business. This is not to say that there aren’t plenty of high quality, longstanding traditional barbershops about. However, many of these new shops share a MB influenced aesthetic and indeed its larger than life style has I think played an role in drawing attention to the industry. This new movement has helped to make many game changing techniques widespread in all types of shops; helping to create jobs, provide opportunities for people to do something different, positive and creative while earning at the same time. One of these new ventures belongs to a personal friend of mine. We worked together at The Dog House barbers in Birmingham, before he opened his own shop Ronin Barber Club. I went up to visit the shop and managed to ask a few questions between drinks.

Glish (Ed.)

Tell me about your shop.

Ronin Barber Club is located in Kingstanding, Birmingham. I’ve gone for a more of a club theme with appointments and events like PS4 tournaments with DJs on certain days. It's just how I imagined a barbershop, when you walk in all friendly and you don't have to ask to play the PlayStation, you just come and feel welcome.

What made you want to become a barber?

I was always interested in hair as a kid, I had the latest hairstyles, it's embarrassing but I was the first one in my secondary school with a v-cut lol. I quit my job at the gym and thought I'm going to devote all my time to barbering; within 3 years I was a manger of a well known barber shop and then went on to open my own barbershop now.

How did you learn to cut hair?

I literally went college just for the certificate, learnt barely anything. It was Jay Byrne of the Doghouse barbershop who trained me up along with all the other barbers that worked there over the years. I just took certain things from each barber from being around them and YouTube is always a good one lol.

How did Ronin Barber Club come about?

For me it was a impulse thing to open my own shop. I had a perfect location and great offer on a property from a friend which I couldn't thank enough then with help from my dad who is a shop fitter and my girlfriend and her mom and my family it all fell into place I got lucky my budget wasn't massive bit I had free labour with my dad and my friends

What kind of styles are you into at the moment.Trims, Tools, music?

I like modern versions of 50s styles: pomps, partings and slick backs. I’m big on scissor work and smooth finishes with little product. Music wise I like to trim to Dean James ,Frank Sinatra but I have to turn it off, it’s not for everyone , so a lot of U.K. rap. if I'm heading out for the night though mainly tech and house. My Favourite tool has to be the Wahl detailer I've tried so many and always end up back with them, they’re just reliable.

Any tips for new barbers?

I'm still a younger barber myself really, only 3 years experience but I grafted my arse off and put all the money I had into tools and equipment. I think a lot of young barbers get put off with not having all the money at the beginning, but if you keep going the money will come and you’ll never work a day in your life because you will be a barber.