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Andis and Wahl vs Remmington

In recent years the American style of using face shavers for balding the head or touching up fades has transferred over to British barbering. The finish looks good and many customers with varying hair types have agreed it makes certain hairstyles 'pop' more. I love them too! but it's important to note that due to the closeness of finish the foil shavers gives the client, we need to find out how sensitive the clients skin is as bumps could be a result. Always be aware of how much pressure we're applying to the clients head to as it can make the skin sore and damage the shavers foil components. Ok! Now all that said, which shavers are the best? The Andis, Wahl or Remington.

I've only be using balding shavers for the last year or so so my knowledge is still in the infancy about these machines. I've used them all and found that they equally do a great job at balding the head smoothly and efficiently. I have had a lot of trouble with the battery life of the wahl and andis shavers though. I've bought two of each at 80 quid a piece and all four have prematurely broken down and stopped charging. I don't know whether it's down to my supplier or the fact that their American machines using our voltage system which messes them up. It could just simply be down to the fact that I don't read and follow the proper instructions (like most men) on how long to initially charge the shavers. Almost £400 down within a year I decided to use a Remington shaver which was shown to me by a work colleague. It was Fantastic! Fraction of the price at only £16.99 from Argos. Battery life is really good, almost 90 minutes of full use but if your on an off cutting through the day it should be a couple of days before you need to deep charge properly. It's more slimline in its body structure than the other square machines, great handling and very light. The biggest drawback about the Remington model is that fact that your not able to replace the foils once they break.