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The Wahl Senior Black 5 Star Edition

According to Wahl, the Senior 5-star Black Edition is one of their most powerful adjustable clippers on the market. It’s a heavy-duty clipper designed to cater for those difficult jobs.

Wahl has used the same design on this model that they’ve used on all their Super Taper range. This model uses a V9000 electromagnetic motor giving you more power than most clippers on the market, with the exception of the Andis Fade and Andis Master. Its fitted with a #0000 close cutting blade that makes it ideal for precision fading and close cuts. It also comes with a 1 ½ grade, 1 grade and a 1/6 grade clips and is built with a metal back and plastic casing.

Unfortunately, the Senior range is only available in the US so you’ll need a transformer to down grade the power from 240v to 60v. You can pick these up online from eBaY, Amazon and other independent specialists.


A common complaint about the Seniors is that they make a lot of noise when they’re powered on. Normally the fix would be to turn the screw clock wise until the noise stops. With this clipper, you’ll need to turn the screw anti-clockwise and past the point where you're supposed to stop.

Think Again!

Wahl’s statement about the Senior being one of their powerful clippers isn’t exactly true in my opinion. When cutting through long hair, the motor seems to struggle. This could be because I’ve been using a convertor to step the power down and I’ve had to use reduced the power to get around the noise issue. Be that as it may, this clipper is still the perfect little finisher when fading.

Detachable clippers are my thing but adding the Senior to my library of tools has only enhanced my work station and improved the quality of my fades.



V9000 Electromagnetic

Unit Weight:

1lb 3oz.


219 Adjustable #0000 Blade