Taking Real World Look At Barbering

Welcome to The Fade Off . We are a blog run by barbers for everyone. Right now the barbering industry is booming. The introduction of social media has made barbering more immediately accessible than ever before.  Apps like Instagram  and Facebook have provided barbers around the world with a platform to display their work, helping to foster an online community which is connecting people  from around the world . Additionally, there has been a boom in online booking services and promotional pages like @nastybarber , making barbering even more digitally accessible . All in all this is pushing a traditionally local industry in the direction of international regulation and globalisation, something more typically associated  with Hairdressing.  Essentially the paradigm is changing  and with more and more shops opening everyday, barbering as a whole seems to be moving away gradually from the small local business model we are all so familiar with.
Is this a good thing? Are we losing touch with our roots  or is the business simply becoming more lucrative? Should we aim to be more accessible? Should we aim to be more exclusive? Are we making a big deal over nothing? Every barbershop will have to face these questions at some point and individually barbers each have their own response. Whatever your opinion may be it is clear that the industry is changing and The Fade Off is here to help you navigate this ever growing world of barbering.
We want to bring you everything from barber battles to discussion topics, tool and shop reviews, interviews, tutorials etc. If it has to do with barbering we'll cover it and so if you cut hair or even just have hair this the place for you. One thing we all share as barbers is a passion for hair and  from this same passion comes The Fade Off,  so stay tuned for  some top notch content from a couple scissor happy London lads.
Nathan Bury   (Editor)